NEW now available: BubaBloon!

Published on: 10-10-2017

BUBABLOON® is a funky, washable, portable and safe fabric balloon cover. Great for latex allergy sufferers or those with a fear of balloons popping. When a normal balloon is inflated into the BUBABLOON cover it keeps the light, floaty, bouncy effect that children adore.

Foldable, machine-washable, pocket-stuffable and kiddie-durable.

With bright, bold, whimsical fabrics, BUBABLOON® is a sensory circus for your little ones, no matter their age or ability, encouraging exploration, large-muscle movement and fine motor skills.

BUBABLOON® comes in a handy little pouch, making it perfect for play at home, outdoors or when travelling – just pop it in your changing bag, pocket or glove box and let the fun begin!

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